Empowerment through International Business Partnerships

The objective is to provide an inspiring and motivating avenue for personal and business transformation. AIDAN is in partnership with the Indonesian Embassy, Port Moresby as well as the PNG Embassy, Jakarta for the coordination and facilitation of PNG MSMEs who wish to attend the annual Trade Expo Indonesia (TEI). This entails general information sessions, entrepreneurship skills training through organized training workshops, formal registration for the TEI, and attendance of the TEI usually held in October.

Entrepreneurships Up-Skilling

A program of workshops covering subjects that will support the growth of small businesses and entrepreneurs starting in May 2020. This is part of the company’s Coaching and Mentoring service. A number of small businesses and others from relevant institutions contribute to this training workshops. One workshop is held in Manila for the MEAP team on their way back to PNG. The company will also consider extending these up-skilling workshops to others in the private and public sectors, and NGOs upon request through the MD.

Coaching and Mentoring

Provided during the Mindset Preparation period and includes the leadership of the Team to the TEI in Indonesia, and the coordination of the workshop in Manila. A WhatsApp group, a Messenger thread and a Facebook page have been created for the entrepreneurs to share experiences and to keep in touch with each other. The Managing Director provides coaching and mentoring in and out of the Mindset Preparation period, during the trip to Indonesia and when the team returns to PNG after attending the TEI, through sharing her own life and professional experience.


The Managing Director (MD) is the sole employee of the company. Promotion, coordination and the ‘Mindset Preparation’ are managed by the MD, co-opting others to deliver specific services based on their expertise as and when required. The year begins with a formal company registration. These Registered entrepreneurs will attend the TEI, travelling under the banner of the MEAP, led by the MD who is the Founder and Team Leader of the Alliance. Upon their return to PNG an evaluation of the MEAP members is duly conducted. The Women’s Business Resource Centre (WBRC) as a hub for MEAP gatherings. The company will focus on its vision and strive to achieve its mission upholding its core values in all the activities that it engages in as well as support. Email, WhatsApp and Facebook are the avenues for regular communication with MEAP members old and new.

Promotion of Micro and Small Businesses

The company finds international events that present an excellent opportunity for PNG MSMEs to showcase their PNG-made products. AIDAN Ltd will also feature a number of registered MSMEs on the company’s website showcasing their respective products. The company pursues partnerships in PNG that will support the promotion and inclusion of MSMEs at large national and international events here in PNG and abroad.

High-end Retail of Lifestyle and Organic Products

The company is working on its plans for its retail services. It’s retail services will feature domestic as well as international sourced products which have been sustainably and ethically produced. A shop is planned, to be opened in the latter part of 2020. In the meantime, an online platform will be used to sell the products sources within PNG as well as from abroad.

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