Created in December 2018, MEAP is an integral part of AIDAN Limited and is a business activity of the company, focusing on empowerment through international business partnerships. The target segment comprises women and men micro and small business owners and entrepreneurs. MEAP is the team that binds together as one PNG MSME team that attends the annual TEI and participate in an associated program that includes self-learning, B2B networking and coordinated business matching. Upon return to PNG, we go back to our own businesses and MEAP disperses until the following year. However, once a MEAP member, always a MEAP member.


Team Leader for 3 teams to the 32nd, 33rd and 34th Trade Expo Indonesia. In 2017 – 4, in 2018 – 28 and in 2019 – 25. Evaluation was carried out after the trips in 2018 and 2019. The summary of our 2018 and 2019 Trip Reports will be available on this site shortly.


Our retail store will be opening later in this year.


Charities: Ms Ellingson supports the work of the Jomard Turtle Conservation Program, Milne Bay Province. She is a strong advocate for the banning of single-use plastic and will be heading the self-sponsored research called ‘Davara Naria’ (Care of the Ocean), to find appropriate and sustainable local solutions to replace single-use plastics in a project to be sponsored by her through fundraising efforts. She is also a strong supporter of the PNG Cancer Foundation and has gifted the Foundation with the song she wrote and performed in 2016 called, ‘‘Wave Your Pink Ribbon’’.

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