Month/Year Assignment/Location Organization/Company Type Activity Result
2017-2018 Revitalization & strategizing for the National Kenu & Kundu Festival, Alotau and Port Moresby National Kenu & Kundu Festival (NKKF) Committee (with Committee Secretary) Voluntary Meetings and technical advice NKKF has strategy, structure, work plan, budget and clear direction on a better NKKF for 2018.
Oct 2017 SME Exhibition Coordination, Management & Promotion, Stanley Hotel, Port Moresby PNG APEC Authority (with Business Development Manager) Voluntary SME selection, coordination and promotion 6 SMEs (jewellery, coffee, candles, clothes, arts & crafts, paintings showcases on 7/10/17 on the wings of the 10th APEC Transport Ministers’ Meeting (TMM10)
2017 Formation of Advisory Committee for Samarai-Murua MP, Hon. Isi Henry Leonard, Port Moresby Office of the Member for Samarai-Murua (with Coordinator) Voluntary Selection Committee meetings Formation of Advisory Committee. Appointed Tourism Adviser to the Member.