The Principle Consultant of AL, Ms Marianna Ellingson, has over 40 years of professional experience in various areas of development work, nationally and internationally. She has experience in various areas of development gained and applied over four (4) decades of professional and voluntary engagements. AL delivers high quality work, delivers on time and within shorter periods of time, should the need to do so arises.

Although professional experience was gained mostly in public service and in public sector work, nationally and internationally, the services rendered would meet the same exacting standards and criteria for multi-sector and multi-disciplinary work for any sector and organization requiring high quality and efficient consultancy services.

Consultancy services are provided for short-term work from two (2) weeks as the minimum and up to twelve (12) months as the maximum on any one project. Where unforeseen circumstances inevitably prevent the timely completion of agreed deliverables or ongoing events that will require AL’s continuous support, an extension of an assignment is possible by mutual agreement between AL and the Client.