Sometimes you don’t have to look far to find help that will enhance and strengthen your business or your work or just simply to inspire you to follow your passion and live your dream. Sometimes all you need to do is to harness the power of another brain!

I am a Papua New Guinean woman who is a former national and international civil servant, now a business owner and entrepreneur. I have over 40 years of professional work experience with over 25 years in senior and executive management. I live in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea (in the Asia Pacific region).

I work with people who want to experience the world of business that thrives not survives, and new ways of thinking about solving their issues, empowering them to grow their businesses through self-learning and education, B2B networking through attending international trade and business networking events abroad. The international networks enable them to find like-minded partners that enable them to establish sustainable supply chains for their respective businesses here in PNG. I also work with people who would like to model success and with some modification here and there, to get the right elements lined up for their own success.

I hold a Bachelor of Arts degree (UPNG), a Master of Arts degree in International Affairs (Development Studies), University of Ohio, USA as a Fulbright scholarship awardee, a Post-Graduate Certificate in Strategic Management, University of Bristol, UK, and currently coaching and training for international certification and, an Associate Member, the International Coach Guild, Australia.

Mari Ellingson

I have the skills and qualifications to work in any sector. If you’re looking for a smart professional, warm and friendly personality, a lateral thinker and a transformational life coach for business, leadership and relationships, I could be the person you’re looking for. I can travel within PNG and elsewhere in the world. I thrive in multi-cultural work environments and love working with people from all walks of life and demographics.

Please email me at: with a couple of paragraphs on what your company, business or organization does. I will email you my Capability Statement and CV in 24 hours, highlighting the areas of my professional experience that would be a fit for your requirements and aligned to your short and long term goals. I will also advise you of the cost of my services and we can agree on the cost of my engagement. I will also provide information on how you can engage my services.

I can be reached by email or via Messenger. I also use Zoom and Skype to communicate.❤

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