Every company has a story about its name. This is mine.

So what does AIDAN mean?

AI’ comes from the first two letters of my maternal Grandmother’s first name AINAUIA (which means gift in the Suau languge of the Milne Bay Province) and ‘DAN’ comes from the first three letters of my maternal Grandfather’s first name DANIEL.

Mrs Ainaua Sioni nee Kaealedi (dec. February, 1964) and Mr Daniel Sioni (dec. August, 1983)

Both Grandparents come from the Milne Bay Province. My Grandmother came from Wagawaga Village (opposite Alotau Town) on the Ealeba side of the bay, and my Grandfather came from Kamokuku Village, Logea Island, the neighbouring island to Kwato Island which was a Christian mission, where they trained, met, married and raised a family. My mother was their eldest child and daughter.

My Grandparents were brought up and trained on Kwato Mission on Kwato Island, a former London Missionary Society (LMS) post in the Milne Bay Province founded in 1891 by Reverend Charles William Abel. My Grandfather was a printer by trade and a Lay Pastor in the Kwato Church and my Grandmother was a teacher at the Kwato Primary School.

Growing up in my Grandparents’ home, I learnt important lasting life skills, caring for family, hospitality and charity, speak the Queen’s English, sing in tune and last but not least a firm grounding in the Christian faith. I learnt to sing from my Grandmother who was the soprano of the Kwato Mission community. I lived with my siblings under the iron hand of my Grandfather who was as strict as he was compassionate when the situation demanded it. He taught me how to read time (the clock) and the write and recite the ABC by memory. I will forever live in gratitude for their selflessness and love.

AIDAN embodies the spirit of my Grandparents, through them the world is beautiful, the horizon is ever brighter and the harder the challenge the stronger my resolve. I am richer for them being part of my life, and no doubt, mine, theirs. The name of my company is my tribute to them and a way of keeping their memory and legacy alive. May their souls rest in eternal peace. AIDAN carries the hallmark of determination, perseverance and hope. I have committed my life to the pursuit of excellence, a willingness to help others like my Grandparents had done in their lifetime for countless others, and a steadfast love for and faith in the power of God.

Out of curiosity I looked up the name AIDAN on the internet and found the story of Saint AlDAN, a Celtic missionary on these websites, and An awesome parallel! What a gem, to find a name that is so blessed, and entwined in a kind of spiritual symbiosis.

My AIDAN ‘Aha’ Moment!

Looking back, it was all so unbelievably simple. I was drawn to combining part of the first names of my maternal grandparents to make up the company name. Here’s what happened.

The day before I registered my company (16th August, 2013), I was so anxious because I didn’t have a confirmed name in my mind. Up to that day, I had several names but none seemed right. I sensed deep down that there was an appropriate name out there but it had yet to come to mind. With the hours ticking by towards close of business, the sense of urgency increased. I needed to have a name for my company registration by the following day. The thought of deferring the registration to another day was not an option. So I kept a piece of paper next to my computer and as a name came to mind I’d jot it down. The list grew longer but nothing jumped out at me. So I continued jotting down name after name.

Then just before close of business that day, as I closely scrutinized the list of names before me I realized that I needed to think out of the box. The name of my company has to stand out but more importantly it must be a meaningful one.

Then shortly thereafter, out of the blue it hit me like a tropical cyclone! There was a name that I undoubtedly was compelled to write down! There it was in black and white, finally. I was reduced to tears, but tears of joy, as a wave of deep emotion swept over me. My heart swelled with pride. What a significant moment of discovery! All the names on my list blurred into nothing-ness. Only one name stood out before my very eyes. I realized then that this was the one.

In the privacy of my office, as I slowly composed myself, I tearfully remembered my Grandparents.  How wonderful they were to me as a child, an adolescent and an adult. I was happy, healthy and surrounded by a loving and caring family. As emotion gave way to elation and excitement, I felt so blessed. I knew they were looking down and smiling with a vigorous nod of approval.

The following day, 17th August, 2013, I went to the PNG Investment Promotion Authority (IPA) ( and with confidence and much gratitude, I registered AIDAN Ltd as the name of my company. It is 100% PNG-owned, and I claimed the name with much pride, joy and pleasure that day, as I became the company’s sole Director and Shareholder.

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